Road Riding

Today we went for a road ride.

I told Dave I wanted to ride for 6 hours on the gas with no stops. Alrighty he said! Let’s go to the Strip.

Roads go forever down in the Strip

Our planned route was up the Water Haul road. This gate made us stop! Spiked road! We had to check that out.

I got a fancy new set of bags sewn up by Carousel Designs. I like them. Now I don’t have to carry so much on my back anymore on big rides.

Somebody loves this road. I’ve seen these huge steel monsters out here and figured they were part of Arizona Strip history but they were being used to grade the road. We were out on Sunday and no one was working them.

This is serious vintage live and working.

Ha, ha so much for ride non-stop. I always have to take pics of this stuff!

…and up and up

The road was soft with no traffic. Mine were the first tracks of the year on this section

This is the sign on the top end of the Water Haul road. OK this cracked me up for a long time and caused lots of idle time

Our destination Cedar Pockets Overlook. It is like riding to the edge of the world

Overlooks always require idle time

Downward and homeward

7 replies on “Road Riding”

  1. Nice pics and trip report. We need some of those signs up here to keep the maroons trashing out the fire roads.

  2. Is that viewpoint 3 hours rideable from your house, or did you have to drive somewhere first?

    That road grader is awesome, and the signs priceless.

  3. We rode from the house. Ride time to the overlook was 3:45 and about an hour less on the way home.

  4. LW,
    Can you give me some feedback on your Specialized? I’m looking for a new ride for my better half. She’s got RA in her hands and wrists and her Titus doesn’t offer the comfort and plushness for longer rides. She’s a small person and I like the specs. on the Safire.

  5. Chris,

    I love my Safire. It is like riding a sofa – super cush. I have it set up comfy too. It is really fun to ride. My Safire is not set up light and fast like a race bike. Once I get rolling I don’t feel like it is a heavy bike tho – I have not weighed it… It is super forgiving on long rides where I don’t really care how fast I am going. It climbs well but I am slow on the flats as I am quite upright on it. I have Ergon grips on which make my hands super happy. When I get on one of my race bikes ther feel light, fast and harsh!

    My Safire is a size medium and I am 5’2″ but do have longish legs for my height. The rear shock had locked/propedal and full open. I’ll climb with it on propedal and leave it full open on flats and descents. The issue for long rides is only a single bottle mount. I replaced this spot with a frame bag in which I now fit an 80oz bladder and a few more snacks.

    My Safire was the 2009 shop demo which I demoed for about 2 weeks and was reluctant to give back!! DH bought it and gave it to me as a surprise birthday present. Have a chat with your local Spec shop – I bet they have demos your wife can take out to test for a few days.


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