Right when you think you have a good plan………

So.  I’ve been  trying to figure out how to make this weekend happen to my liking, but no matter how I slice it the road ride from Moab to Fruita on an MTB w/knobbies is so unnatractive.  Then crackhead Lynda this am was bubbling with inspiration:  why not do an out and back of the Koko?

Well, why not?  There are good reasons to do it:

– shakedown for GLR
– the weekend is clear
– it appeals to the manic in me
– weather looks great, albeit a bit warm
– if things go awry, bailouts abound

The challenges:

– there are zero restocking options on the route
– is it reasonable to think one can do ~ 4300 TSS in 16 days and come out of that stronger, not wasted???
– I don’t think I could (or really want to) do it without a sleep break.  More gear required = slower climbing.
– The Yeti is in St George getting gussied up, it’ll have to be on the Fuel.

Sure seems like a great idea to me.  Intimidating, and I’ve been cheated out of the anticipation…but not the journey.

Thanks so much Lynda.  I think ;)