Scenic lessons

How many views can one take in inside of 36 hours?

It became obvious early in the ride that this wasn’t to be a KT double.  A few mechanicals, 2 hours of sleep prior to start, tool escapes…all the same, I did ride roughly 250 miles roaming the KT and parts nearby.  It was an incredible experience.

For one, I’ve never done a ride quite like this – 11 hours at a fast clip 2 days in a row.  Add the overnight gear and it gets real interesting.  Add the first warm weekend of the year and it gets even more interesting.

The lessons kept coming.  Like, water.  Traveling long distances in desert country when warm, you really have to be on top of your hydration, current water amount on board, and time to the next water hole.  This, more than any other element, dictates pace and planning in this sort of ride.  I felt myself getting in harmony with this triad at some point on day 2 and it was very cool indeed.

And, that shandy hill is a real bitch with 7 hours in the legs.  KTR/GLR is gonna be a hoot!

Bonus points if you can figure out what  you’re looking at here.