Wesley got his uniform and went to his first scout den meeting tonight.

You buy the blue shirt then have all these wee badges to sew on for pack number and area and what rank scout and what-not. I haven’t got the hang of it all yet. It took me ages to sew all the badges on. I was “doing my best” – we have learned that one in the scout motto.

 Wesley: Mom do your best

Me: Oh yeah – you’re the scout now

So I was being super neat with nice little stitches feeling the pressure of having Wesley being the kid in scouts with the crooked falling off badges. I did a nice job if I say so myself and thought he looked great. He hopped on his bike and rode off down to the church (of course they meet in a church it is SoUT). On the middle of his back waved a big price tag. LOL. It wasn’t there when he came home…

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  1. Lynda,

    There is a glue product for gluing the badges on instead of sewing. They should have it at the scout store if there is one in your area. I think it might be called Badge Magic. TJ went from cub’s all the way through getting his Eagle. There were probably a couple hundred different badges over time for the various events we attended. You can swap on and off without pulling out a needle.

  2. that price tag hanging off is hilarious! Us Mom’s give it everything we got and still some stuff slips through the cracks.

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