She’s back!

Remember this gal?

That’s right, Lynda is back in action, and as far as I can tell she’s as strong as ever – and oh so appreciative to be outside riding big climbs and taking in big views once again.  Having something taken away from you for awhile makes it all the sweeter on it’s return.

It was the perfect weekend.  Sat was a solo White Rim mission.  I hadn’t done the WR in the spring before, wow was I ever missing out.  It’s green!  Flowers were in full force, the sand of January was gone, packed firm by the hordes of tour support vehicles and recent moisture.  Easy crusing in comparision – except for the wind. 

Sunday I teamed up with Lynda and Dave Byers to check out the Kokopelli trail from Dewey Bridge to Moab.  Adam and EdE had just done it the day before, and we met them Sat afternoon after they finished their ride and shuttle.  The ride is considerably more epic in this direction.  Except for the last major climb, the elevation gained is on sandy, rocky terrain as opposed to pavement/hardpack coming from Moab.  The climb from Cows Head Hill to Beaver Mesa is long but generally not steep and was really my favorite part of the day.  The views just keep coming at you and before you know it you’re up in the pines.

Here’s Dave on that climb overlooking Fisher Valley and Top of the World.

Weather – we got it all.  Sun, rain, snow, wind – it is definitely springtime!  But, there is no snow to speak of at 8500′ in the La Sals.  When we got to the Paradox trail junction I felt a strong pull and started heading in the wrong direction…

About 14 hours of riding this weekend, every second of it heavenly.