Snow Day Out

Another couple of inches fell last night crippling St George. Really!

After our snowy walk to school on Tuesday Emma spent the day in class dreaming about making a snowman. The school didn’t let the 1st graders outside to play during the day cause it was such a sloppy melting mess. She was furious when she got out of school to find most of the snow melted. She stomped on a little patch with her moon boots and shouted stupid snow.

She was very pleased with last night’s storm.

It’s the Christmas season and it is snowing in St George. That’s all about kids not bikes… Nothing at all bike related in this post today.

Yesterday was the 1st grade xmas party. We made gingerbread (well graham cracker) houses. It was a good time.

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  1. I understand that a city like St George is not equipped to deal with snow…but I still have to chuckle when I hear that a couple of inches shuts everything down. Glad the kids got a shot at their snow man.

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