Socially acceptable mania

The start of 24 hour Worlds is one week away.  Excitement is building, anticipation thickening, mojo rising.

And I’ve stopped sleeping.

My standard training rythms just don’t fit any established norms.  In good training periods sleep is optional.  I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a head full of, well, manic, and the day begins.  Toss in an upcoming world championship event and the manic becomes MANIC.  I can keep this up for a loooong time.  I wonder if I could keep it up for 2 weeks on GDR?

Wurlds part I.  Our star player is looking great.  We did this loop yesterday featuring a 1.5 hour climb into a desert sunrise (can you say nirvana?), not drilling it at all but keeping a nice steady tempo.  We totally chilled the last 20 minutes…yet still the ride time was a PB for her – by a lot.  And she’s only been riding a few days since being sick, go figure.  All I can say is wow.  The big show is gonna be fun, our gal is on.

Wurlds part II.  I’m obviously not racing.  Good and bad, really.  I’ll get to watch the heavy hitters take take their best shot in this wide open edition.  Tinker, Nat, Steve, Ernesto, Mark, Brandon, Mario, Yuri – it’ll be fun to watch y’all drill each other into the dust.  I look forward to having time to meet a few folks rather than be wrapped up in the racer’s obsession.  I look forward being part of LWs team, keeping that pit humming smoothly.  But…I will miss racing oh so much.  I’ll keep that bottled up for 6 more weeks.

Yesterday the day began at 1 AM.  My eyes flew open with the force of a hurricane…the previous evening we were getting lights dialed in and wow there are a lot of little details to work out and some thorny compatibility issues that I didn’t solve immediately.  In the space of the 60 seconds I had them all conquered, mentally anyway.  An hour later I was testing some settings on the Lev crusing up and down the block…and to my surprise I wasn’t the only one working in their garage.  Yet another benefit of this desert life, the nocturnal lifestyle is not quite so zany.

Is it ok to be listening to Rage Against the Machine at 3am?