Sometimes I hate being so small

I’m small and I manage to ignore that fact most of the time. I clocked the scale at 106 lbs this morning. In nearly every sport being small is a disadvantage. In mountain biking I mostly ignore the fact that my bike is a much larger percentage of my body weight – or muscle mass than most and just hammer on. For the most part that seems to work for me. I have a lot of fun pedaling.

I have been super excited to do some bikepacking this summer. That involves lots and lots of pedaling. This package arrived in the mail today from Carosel Design Works for moi. Oooh exciting.

A seat bag. I eagerly opened it. It’s awesome. A seat bag is one of the missing things I need to carry stuff for overnights on my bike.

I strap it on my bike.

God dam bike is too small and it drags on my rear tire. PO’d now.

Every single race I have been to this year has said to me at registration “sorry we are out of small t-shirts”. Usually I don’t care cause race t-shirts are boring but I did care at 12 hours of Mesa Verde cause they were cool.

Here is what my new team kit looks like on me.

Sometimes being small is irritating.

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  1. You are my hero, oh small and mighty one. You are half the person I am and twice the racer. But I do agree, the bag thing sucks. I just got my set-up from Jeff and it is great stuff.


  2. Doh! That is such a bummer on the new bag. Mabe Jeff can make you one more in the shape of a frisbee than the shape of a football. :) I hope you get it sorted.

  3. I hear you on the small issue. Can’t help you with the bike bag, but for the clothing? I’ve learned to buy kits from companies who make women’s cuts (it helps when your hubby is the main person who picks out the kits for the race team–push your team to do the same, damn it!), and when I do have to order men’s clothing, I’ve found a good tailor to help me make the stuff fit right. :)

  4. AAWWWW!!! Too bad about the bag! That had to be really disappointing!!

    As for the clothing — I’m with Jeni — I just take a seam ripper and my sewing machine to anything that doesn’t fit right… because most of it just doesn’t fit right.

    Make it fit!



  5. Just been following your blog. I had to chuckle at this entry. I have the same problem. Can’t find the right size gloves, only one bottle cage will fit on my bike and hold a small water bottle, and don’t get me started on the lack of shoe choice.
    Hey, look, we spell our names the same.


  6. I am not small and when I see small people like you, I am more threatened than racing against a bigger person!!! So see! being small is good. You go fast uphill and you’re so cute :) haha!

  7. I hear ya sistah! Jesper has ALL the really cool race jerseys handed out in my adventure race series last year – really nice technical shirts with cool graphics. And the odd thing was that almost ALL of the female racers were OUR size! What gives?!?!? Folks – there are a LOT of small women out there racing! Please make a shirt that fits us! Royal bummer about the bag :-(

  8. Pop a 26″ wheel in the rear when using that bag. If that doesn’t work, you can borrow one of Jeni’s 24″ ones.

  9. funny stuff there…

    not that i can relate… ;)

    one thing that really bugs me it how about when they put the paper towel holders so high in the public bathrooms all the water runs down your arms as you reach up to grab one to dry your hands. annoying!

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