With the GLR start fast approaching (uh, as in Friday – didn’t I just do this thing?) I figured I’d head out and do some specific training.  Lots of time in the saddle has been my approach, rather than higher intensity efforts.  Seeing how I rode 35+ hours last weekend I wasn’t sure what the legs would have in store – I’m so treading new ground here – but my overriding assumption for this go-round is that being too fresh is worse than being too tired.

The chosen route was Jones Creek to Flag-Pinkerton and the return leg via the Hermosa trail.  Durango is just off the bottom of the map for reference…

Like most good rides in Durango, the profile is an inverted “V” shape.  Accumulated climb is ~ 8k.

Lucky for you I just got a new camera.  No more of this nonesense of a dead camera on big rides.  When I told MC my camera died on the GL last weekend his immediate response was “well then you have to do the race!”

You never know who you’ll run into on the trail.

Conditions were wet but rideable.  Slow going…and of course I loaded my pack with miscellaneous items to make sure a 20 lb pack feels ok next week.

Flag-Pinkerton follows the top of the ridge between highway 550 and the La Platas.  Good views in all directions.  Trail conditions are another story.  A motohead came through right after all the recent rains and tore the trail to shreds.  Jerk.


How bizarre to see this 1/2 mile long fence up here.


At about 10,300 things started to get interesting…


Note to self:  hitting deep drifts hard is ill-advised.


Lots and lots of postholing for the next several hours.  What should have taken an hour took 4.  It’s funny how my perception has changed though, a year ago I’d have turned back after 10 min of postholing.  Now it’s just part of the experience.


In the midst of the postholing session it started snowing.  I’m trying to understand why I have a useless 20 lbs of weight on my back but no good wet weather gear.  Right when it’s beginning to feel epic, I see that I’m  not alone.


But alas, the postholing training came to an end and I was treated to the Hermosa creek trail for a fast, mostly downhill 20 miles of killer singletrack.  New obstacles on the trail!


My favorite filter spot.


Not bad, eh?


Awesome day on the trail.  Now, what do y’all think the Tab will look like next week?  We are gonna get so wet up there…