Spring Break

I’ve been gone. I’m not feeling very wordy so here is a photo blog of my trip.

This is the top of the climb up on Gold Bar Rim. Cold clear day.

Looking in the other direction from the same spot here is Steve finishing the haul up the final piece of slickrock. Huge views from here in all directions.

Poison Spider

We rode White Rim via Long Canyon

114.2 miles for that loop

The Shafer climb was closed by the park. They had a gate across the road closed in the middle of the desert – cracked me up so I had to take a photo of it! There is no fence. Just the gate sitting closed all out in the open by itself. What was the point!


Murphy’s Hogback is one of my favorite views. We had a long lunch stop here.



Muscleman Arch

Refilling on the way. There had been so much rain we didn’t need to carry much water with us as we just scooped up pothole water on the way.

Although it was a 114 mile ride we took a lazy pace, made lots of stops and had a mellow time. White Rim is so beautiful is was nice to take the time to enjoy it.