Spring has sprung

Finally, the weather has turned.  Sunny, warm riding is sooo good for solar powered folks.  Blogs from all over the region are gonna be filled with sunny pictures today, here’s our contribution.

We suggested riding to the trailhead rather than drive.  Dave had no problem with that ;)

Ain’t she cute?

Much more aero than a 5 gallon pickle bucket.

Dave rode his fixie over stuff that surprsed me – a lot!  The kid has skilz.

Don’t ask.

Hope your spring has sprung as nicely :)

5 replies on “Spring has sprung”

  1. I think the powder binge is over up here. The sun is out, the low elevation singletrack is dry and my SS is lonely. I ought ot have my “sunny picture” contribution up tomorrow.

    With the WR this weekend, I am starting to get my 2-wheel stoke back.


  2. After an amazing trip to Utah – I found this site , and I came to a conclusion that I want to be your neighbor …
    What a place to live …this is the garden of Eden!!

    From from NJ

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