SRM Update

My SRM is winging it’s way back to me today. I wasn’t crazy after all – the thing was jacked up. They replaced the battery, calibrated it, replaced the internal cadence sensor, the sending coil and black reed switch. I don’t know exactly what all of those things are but that’s a lot of stuff not to be working. All the work was done on warranty and customer service is very nice and helpful.

My fluey bug is progressing along nicely. Today my lungs are gurgling and I’m enjoying lots of DayQuil. I don’t see any type of riding in my forecast until at least Thursday. CTL is going down.

As requested: here is a glossary of the alphabet soup all these power training terms turn into.

I shouldn’t have ridden on Saturday. I even rode super duper easy. ’twas a nice day but it made me worse not better. 115 TSS felt like 315 TSS and the PE/TSB disconnect was huge. Blah…