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It used to be so simple.  Train, get as fast as you can, go to races, hammer yourself into a pulp, rest, repeat.  Bike choice was more about HT vs. FS – the gearing always included an 11-34 on the back.  There were some nutz riding bikes with only one gear, but man that was fringe stuff for the tattoo’d bearded crowd and it just wasn’t my thing.

 At least, until it was.  The SS I mean – my bearded days have long since ended and don’t even talk to me about tattoos.

Yesterday I was asked what field I’ll race in for DS&G.  I stammered.  Uhhh…?  So that’s funny – first A race of ’08 and I don’t even know what kind of bike I’ll toss a leg over.  I don’t currently even have a geared bike I’d want to use for the event.  With one new SS in the stable and another on the way, I guess that shows where the interests lie right now.

We met Brad at Camp Lynda.  He’s put some thought into racing single speeds, and ever since I read that post it’s stuck with me.  I’m not sure I’m ready to call SS cheating cause I’ve yet to race one, but I do have a plethora of PRs on them now.  It makes me wonder.

Maybe DS&G will be on the single.  Maybe every race this year will be on the single.  As it turns out, those are the easy choices.  How can something so simple present so many confounding options?  A glimpse into a viking’s world is what this is.

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  1. The difficulty of ss is overrated, but so is the ease of using multi-gears. On a ss you’re always in the right gear if you accept it.

    Freedom from thinking too much and more flow.


  2. it’s not harder, it’s not easier, it just. is.

    strip it down and really see what your limits
    are. need to go faster? pedal harder. can’t
    pedal harder, then you need to dig deeper.

    just pedal.

    racing? if the promoter offers it, I’ll sign up.
    gas money beats table shwag any day.
    I can still look at the results sheet and see
    that JB or Eatough or Harlan only beat me
    by an hour……….again.

    The way it sounds, the data says you’re
    faster. The trick is to get your head around
    it, just watch out for that left hook. :)

  3. Well I’ll be darned. Nice to see I’m not the only one that found that post newsworthy ;) Thanks for the added perspective Rich.

    At this point I’m just an open minded sponge…taking it all in. No real expectations, lots of experimentation. Boundary testing so to speak.

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