SS school

I haven’t been riding much since the 24 hours of Old Pueblo – taking a breather. I have been out a couple of times on my single speed. The Intermountain Cup Series kicks off this weekend with the Desert Rampage here in St George. The single speed category welcomes men, women, farm animals etc – if yer SSing you’re in it and doing 2 laps. That sounds like a lot of fun so I’ll give it a try.

I headed out today to do a couple of laps on the race course and see how it was on the SS. I’ve only ridden the stock 32X18 gear so far. The first climb was great. I was riding some of the steep stuff I thought I’d be walking – so far so good. After about 10 minutes of cranking up hill out of the saddle I wasn’t feeling so hot and had slowed to a crawl by the time I reached the flat section at the top. On the descent my legs were shaking a little and instead of a second lap I limped home – woops – smoked!

SS school was in session! I added 3 teeth to the back and will try it again on Wednesday.