SS upgrades

The SS learning process continues.  Thanks to Dave Nice’s advise (SID isn’t squishy enough or rigid – ditch) I put a Reba U-turn on it.  At about 105 MM it handles great, and along with a stiff gate setting it has no out of the saddle bob.  Noice.

And then there’s the Power Tap.  Oh yea, baby, full on data collection mode.

So what would happen if instead of sinking time and energy into drinking and tatoo acquisition a guy was to look into the demands of single speeding and how to improve those aspects of fitness?

You’d come up with charts like this…for starters.  Welcome to quadrant analysis.


More details here but you’ll have to join the club to see them.  The club is free tho with many benefits.  One of them is you can download a copy of an excel spreadsheet used to make this QA analysis.