Stealth Mode

I’ve got lots to blog about but I’ve gone in stealth mode with 24 Hours in The Old Pueblo coming up. My riding partners have prolly wondered where I’ve gone (hi Joel, Dave and Paul!). It’s a nice breather for them having me in stealth mode for a while anyhooo.

What’s different about this one? There is a killer womens field signed up and it is gonna be a race fer sure, not me just swinging laps around the course. Very cool. So far the start list looks like this: me a.k.a. The defending OP champion, Monique Sawicki a.k.a. 2005 National 24 hour solo champion, Sara Kaufmann, Bernice and hopefully a ton more wicked ladies I don’t know – they don’t publish a start list for this one. Last year we had 15 solo women and there were 72 solo men in the geared categories. How cool would that be to have 72 solo’s in the womens field? Waaaay cool.

So I haven’t been riding as much tapering down for the race. Emma is a real clothes gal and we went on a girls shopping trip. She picked up some slippers, a pair of cool shades and a nice hat. She is a great wee shopper. Much better than me. I usually just mill around without buying anything.

Wesley and his pals have been on mach10 as usual. They like to chalk up the sidewalk. Our driveway is usually covered in chalk. Now they are in first grade they are all writing well and getting more creative. I actually made sense of some of the scrawlings this morning on my way out.


“You better run away fast or I will kill you” Nice!

Another beauty day down here in the desert and another lap of the Jem. Just one this time. By myself in stealth mode but here is a copy of the power file. Easy to Sheep Bridge then good pace back to the car. Luuvly.