Sunday Jem photo blog

Boys came to town with their colorful ponies

For some Jem action

and blue skies

3 GDR finishers (1 former record holder, one last year), 2 Alaskan smitten enduros, 1 stand-up comedian, lots of big wheels with big travel.

The riding was fun, the weather to die for.

But we didn’t.

Then it was dinnertime.  After the initial food bonk wore off the stories began to roll.  MC, while doing his best to recruit LW and DH for some Alaskan adventure once again solidified our outright horror at the thought of doing the stuff he goes up there for. 

But it was educational.  There is a difference between -40F and -47F.  At -50F you can toss a pan of boiling water straight up in the air and be pelted with falling ice cubes.  Bicycle tubes blow their seams at somewhere around -55F and bring on 40 mile forced marches (with double flats) for 17 hour nights (and it is still -55F to -65F OMG).

Twinkling gleam in the eye notwithstanding, MC needs to work on his recruiting line a bit more.

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  1. Uhm … you guys live in UT… the warmer & dryer part no-less…… Think acclimating for ‘- craziness’ (negative degrees of anything involving weather) would be …….. feasible?


    Please keep inspiring us with pix of the sand and sun and colored ponies!!


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