Tapering for BC Bike Race

Seven days to the start of BC Bike race and I am in full taper mode. That meant skipping The E12 yesterday, which turned out to be another hot and depleting event. News is Epic Adam went to the hospital with heatstroke. I can’t afford one of those in my legs a week before spending seven days chasing around on my mountain bike after Bionicle Dave in BC. Gotta make choices…

The BC Bike race course looks awesome. Day distances are 112, 115, 83, 60, 55, 75, 25km. I love racing km’s. They go by so much faster than miles ;-) The last stage is an all single-track team time trial on the Whistler trails. They are giving teams individual starts, fastest to slowest and we are racing the clock. That is a cool way to finish a big stage race like this. It will be exciting and maybe a bit suffery if the GC times are close. Whistler trails have a reputation for being both fun and hard. A bit imtimidating but I look forward to sampling them myself.

This is what the weekends taper activities looked like:

Keeping cool in the desert on Saturday

Wesley looooves rafting and is always in the front. Emma and I prefer the Queen and Princess seats in the back.

I wanted to get in a longer ride today. That meant clipping in about 4am to beat the heat. My patio thermomenter hit 108F a couple of days ago – whew. The sunrise this morning was incredibly beautiful.

The taper is working. After warming up my legs were beautiful too.

It was one of those time warp rides where every tune on the mp3 is just the right one and the climbs go by in a flash. I nearly missed a turn at the top of the big Blakes climb ’cause I got there so fast. I wasn’t expecting it and it is a hard fast turn. “Wow. I’m here already!”

The sun threw crazy colors out into the air this morning.