The Aftermath

It snowed ALL day in St George yesterday. That is a first since I moved here in ’96.

Kinders insisted on walking to school today. Ems would not hear of taking the car. She wanted to wear her moon boots in snow

Moon boots make good foot prints.

The neighbour girls were up before dawn to make this snowman.

On the way home from school I stopped by Dave’s house which is conveniently located half a block off route.

Ha ha. Caught on the trainer.

I know many are more curious what is behind Dave in this shot so here is a peek. This part of his garage is known as the bone-yard.

This is what happens with a little snow, a lot of caffeine and some sup O2’s

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  1. So glad to see that “Hurricane Dave” hasn’t changed his organizational habits in all these years.

  2. Caught on a trainer in St. George! LOL.

    I see a Lev that needs another whack or two in the background there.

    Heading out for a front-break only power+GPS ride now…

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