Virgin River Rim Trail views

What: a 207 mile self-supported grassroots bikepacking event.
When: Grand Depart 6AM Sep 17, 2021
Where: western trailhead for the Virgin River Rim trail near Deer Haven campground, Dixie NF. This is east of Cedar City off of Hwy 14.
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The Bristlecone 200 is 207 miles of spectacular variation in the mountains, high plateaus, canyons and hoodoos of southern Utah. It originated in 2011 as a combination of the best of the Dixie 311, a more rugged and challenging adventure and the Dixie Lite, an intro to bikepacking.

Navajo Lake loop

Fast forward to 2017: the Brian Head fire raged through much of the area, wiping out key sections making a loop impractical. Trail work in 2018 made possible a revised route that I think is even more compelling than the original. It features new trails, added trails, and a taste of the Sevier Plateau. In a final twist, the route is now oriented clockwise.

The rebuilt Sydney Peaks trail
The rebuilt Bunker Creek trail is destination worthy
Ghosts left behind by the Brian Head Fire
Seldom traveled sections of the Grandview Trail
Scenes from the Pole Canyon descent
Sevier Plateau E of Panguitch

Route Info

The 2021 route is identical to the 2020 route.

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Download the route GPX here. 

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Water beta

Approximate course mile, location, potable and on course unless otherwise noted. Campground water access normally ends 1 or 2 days after labor day.

This waypoint file contains locations of Swains creek (off route), Hancock spring (off route), Casto Canyon, Hillsdale Canyon, unnamed spring prior to Proctor on the Grandview and a water spigot in Bryce Woodlands. Note this waypoint file does NOT contain all sources, just a few in important locations that are off-route or possibly hard to find. Te-Ah, Burger Barn (outdoor sink in front), Panguitch, Red Canyon, Long Valley aren’t in this file but you will want to use those sources.

0  Deer Haven CG
9, 20, 198 (yes 3 passes!)  Te-ah CG
39  Castle creek (filter)
50  Bunker creek (filter). Many crossings along the trail.
55  Panguitch lake
69.7  Panguitch creek (filter)
80  Panguitch (major resupply)
100.1  Hancock/Casto intersection (filter, just a trickle, high bovine use)
109.5  Red Canyon CG (roughly .3 miles off route via paved bike path)
126.4  Hillsdale canyon (filter, image:,esriusgstopo&slideshow=true)
130.9  Piped spring that fills a trough. Great water. Can’t miss it. Filter it.
148  Bottom of Pole canyon, you’ll see a spring. I’d filter it. NOTE: this was dry in 2019. 

149.6 Red water spigot next to the road in a large park/picnic area. Easiest, best source in this area.
160  Long Valley Junction – Tod’s Country Store, gas station with a lot of food and drink choice
177  Swains creek. 1 easy mile off-route. Head down Swains Creek valley on the dirt road, you’ll see a wooden fence enclosure, ride to it and you’ll hear the gurgling. It waters a lot of cattle so have a good filter.
198  Back to Te-Ah. Long Valley to Te-Ah is what I’d consider the longest section between water, 5+ hours.


The rules are simple. By lining up you agree to honor your fellow bikepacker by following them. This is your honor code. I will not mediate rules issues as I implicitly trust all who line up. Ask for clarification on FB or if they are not clear.

  • Complete the entire route under your own human power.
  • No pre-arranged support with one exception: teams of any number of riders are allowed. The rules apply to the team as a unit; the finishing time of the team is that of the last member to finish. Team riders may share items but otherwise no cached or pre-arranged support is allowed.
  • It is the responsibility of the rider to determine whether or not he/she has finished within the rules.
  • GPX file submission or Trackleaders tracking is required to claim a course record.

2 additional temporary rules for the 2020 event:

  • wear a face covering in any public shared space such as stores, gas stations, restaurants. 
  • bring and use hand sanitizer after using any public service or business.



This year featured record heat. Course was slightly longer than 2019 – new singletrack bottom of  Bunker Creek and a new neighborhood detour to avoid all of Hwy 14.

Dana Ernst 1:13:16  

Bob Saffell

Gregg Dunham 4:06:17 ITT late Sept
Brad Keyes left route at VRRT  
Lynda Wallenfels
Heidi Volpe
Michael Darter
Left route at Bryce Woodlands Team
Steve Bird Left route at mile 130  


Dana Ernst 1:11:47 New course record

Jensen Werner

Dave Harris

1:17:51 Team category
Chris Kuzdas 2:07:46  
Geoff Lane 2:10:29  
Brian N 2:11:04  
Evan Solberger 2:14:42