The Dixie’s in 2011

The Dixie 311 and Dixie Lite will morph into a single event for 2011:  the Dixie 200.  The route will be similar to that taken by Scott Morris last year  The preliminary route is here.

Essentially it’s the 311 minus the Sevier and Tushar  sections.  Using the Lite route as a reference point, it now includes the entire Paunsaugunt segment of the 311.  The full Paunsaugunt is a real treat :)

The recommended start is 8 AM Saturday,  June 25th at Woods Ranch (same location as last year).

The 311 is going native.  It will live on in the memory of all who rode it last year.  I don’t plan on modifying the route at all – so last year’s files are good to go should you have an urge to challenge yourself a bit more.

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