The Grand F’ing Loop

There is this event that has been looming large for me for quite some time.  My training, equipment & nutrition so far this year has been focused on this single goal.  The event is the Grand Loop.  The scheduled race date is June 1, but since it is technically a time trial event can be done at any time.  I have chosen to do it ahead of the official race date.  Snowpack is low this year and that’s the main reason the race is scheduled as late as it is.

I’ll be posting a few bits and pieces about the event prior to my departure.  The whats, the whys, the hows, the wheres.  The intent is not so much to inform those interested in the event, but rather to shed some light on this obscure event and genre of racing for those not familiar with it.

I’ll start with this.  Jefe, aka wookieone on MTBR was the second finisher last year.  When asked why, here’s what he had to say:

Yeah it haunts me, I can flash back with ease. Suddenly i feel that deperate panic pounding with adrenaline, that cooked beyond recogintion totally used up feeling. Oh my, i was about 24 hours in when Scott and I hit Fischer creek in the La Sals, and i swear at the time i was never going to do this again, never, my mind and body was in revolt, ” you foolish dupe!” And to be honest the first 24 were the easiest part. Not to discourage anyone from an attempt, but imagine this, a 24 hour race, a 100 mile race and then another 24 hour race, back to back, little sleep, horrible trail conditions, and carrying everything on your back and bike. No one to clap and encourage you on, keep you company, make you food, fill your camelback. It was one of those experiences that i will never be able to forget, trully life changing, yet it still hurts a bit deep down.

The pink can’t even soften those words…yet the anticipation, the draw,  is huge.