The Journey

The older I get the more I like to take my time with things, it leaves more time for savoring.    Destinations often have a finality attached to them; everything that happens before then is the purpose.  I don’t seek the payout, I seek the experience. 

You can draw a ton of analogies to this…racing is certainly among them.  How often have you done a big event, full of excitement for it only to hit the post-race blues?

So this past weekend I continued on with my journey, explorations of new surroundings.  It’s cloaked in the guise of course research, but it’s fullfilling other needs beautifully. 

The previous week’s outing gave glimpses of this huge plateau.  I simply had to find a way to it’s summit.

There are easier ways up than I chose.

But the easy ways don’t have these views – and the summit would come and go too quickly.  More savoring.

It was one of those all day climbs, filled with wonder around every turn. 

With 4k’ elevation over the surrounding region most of southern Utah is in view.  It’s a powerful chunk of turf up there. 

And, wouldn’t ya know it – from the top more new terrain comes into view, picquing my curiosity for another adventure.

The journey continues.