Tomorrow is the start of a race of a different ilk:  the Togwotee Winter Classic.  This is a bike race in the mountains of Wyoming.  In January. 

Dave Byers has the GPX up on the race site.  Here’s what I get for the profile in TopoFusion.  107 miles and ~15k vert for the hundy!!!  Have I mentioned this race takes place on snow?  And they’ve been getting plenty.

All I can say is wow.  Anyone that starts this race I want to buy a beer.  Anyone that finishes get’s an all you can drink hot chocolate pass.  It’s an intimidating concept and route.  You’d really have to like snow. 

Of course, this would be a mere snack for Jill or MC…wonder why they aren’t there?

I look forward to seeing how this one plays out.  Good luck and be safe out there snowbikers!