Training camp #1

Day 1 of 08’s first training camp:  Yuri cruising the secret singletrack.  St George will never become the MTB destination that Moab is cause the real gems are hidden from view.  Unmapped, unpublished.  Local knowledge required.  That’s where I come in.  LOL there was still some headscratching as the real local guide is in Scotland, but we still got’r done.  A Zen experience you could say.

Yuri is sporting a new Marin 5″ travel XC ready rig with the new XTR.  Sweeeeeet bike, it’s like what everyone rides out here minus 10 pounds.

3 more days.  Trails are drying out nicely and a warming trend is coming.  Give a holler if you feel the need to join in the fun.