Trans Utah coming right up!

OK, I’m over that brief 24 obsession.  So, who’s in for TU?  Here’s the schedule:


12 noon:  shuttle vehicles.  Meet in Escalante at high noon.  Contact me if you haven’t yet and want to join in.

Evening:  my house is full, but you are welcome to come here for BBQ/kitchen use.  Contact me if you need lodging, I may have some more options.


3 AM – start from Desert Cyclery.  We’ll roll all together, prologue style, until we reach the Stucki trailhead.  I think that’s about 6.5 miles.  After that, choose your own pace!

Then what?  LOL, we ride.

For the luddittes out there, I made this map.  It’s not the final cut, but that’s coming soon.  On tap this weekend I’ll be scouting Coyote spring and checking on 2 loose ends on route.  Look for the final version on Monday.

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  1. You two!!! I can’t even read this site anymore!! Trans Utah?? (sound yummy) Power during 24s. I need to ONLY start reading the blogs of mid pack Solo racers.Ooops! It appears I’m the only one blogging about his mid-packnesss. Nitch or reality issues?

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