Trans Utah preview: mile 0-145

Trans Utah will start nice and easy – the major climbing doesn’t start until mile 80.  Those first 80 will take in some singletrack (roughly 25 miles), a bit of the Sunshine and Honeymoon trails in the AZ strip, killer views, a fun trip up the Hurricane cliffs, a key spring that is hopefully running (!), and 1 river crossing where it will likely still be dark. 

 The town of Hurricane (all services) is about 3 miles and 800′ vert off-route near mile 70.  The next town near the route is at about mile 200.  This will be a common theme to the route:  there are towns on-route only in the area near Tropic, but towns will be nearby.

 Decisions, decisions.  Start strategizing.

The 45 mile (mostly) climb starting around mile 80 is on non-technical surfaces, which you will be thankful for.  You’ll have time to soak up the expansive views.

Mile 145 takes you to the Virgin River Rim trail which we will ride in its entirety.  The route gets progressively more challenging as we push onward to Escalante…

Stay tuned!

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