Trans Utah ‘sploring resumed!

Smith Mesa was the object of our tires today.  Not very technical, good thing cause you can’t keep yer eyes on the trail.  Plenty steep though.

Rumors of ejector seats and flying monkeys abound behind these signs.  We sure wanted to explore…but resisted.  These signs really pull ya in don’t they?

This is where the monkeys land.

Hey Matthew Lee, this is for you bro.

Zion is part of the route…but not by the standard entrance.

Sun, snow and wind today.

The route was clear to 6500′ – ok it was plowed.  It climbs to something over 9k – but we’ll have to wait a few months for that ride.

Views so big as to leave imprints in our brains…daydream fodder.

5 replies on “Trans Utah ‘sploring resumed!”

  1. If wishes were horses…er where monkeys ride donkeys? Lovely DH.

    playing now: @97 rpms, low hum of michelin pro race on fluid roller. spinning off the PBR madness of march post afternoon tarheel victory in acc tourney finals.

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