Trans Utah: when, where?

It’s almost March and everyone is getting their season plans in line.  It’s high time I make an announcement on Trans Utah.

The route is massive.  The long range plan is this: 

  • fall ’08 St George to Escalante or Big Water
  • fall ’09 Escalante or ? to Moab
  • fall ’10 St George to Moab

Originally it was going to be a spring event, but the reality is that due to massive quantities of sand in these parts the route will need to get high – and winter snows prevent the spring timeframe.  Fall it is.

The exact route for this year’s edition is yet to be determined, but I have a lot of GPS files to look through, and ground recon to reflect on.  Some ramblings and images are here:  It’s spectacular country between StG and Escalante – huge views, all day climbs, enough color and contrast to keep the imagination busy for…a lifetime.  Elevations will range from 2,500′ to 10,500′.  Distance?  hmmm….300ish.  Amount of climb?  Roughly 35k’.  Generally more rideable than GLR but nearly as remote.  There will even be some really, really fun singletrack.  The route will flirt with Zion and Bryce national parks, the Markagunt and Paunsugunt plateaus, the GWT, Grand Staircase – possibly ending at Big Water via Smokey Mountain road.  Plenty of surprises in there too.  A GPS track will be provided for the route.

For the timing, I’m somewhat open.  The tentative date is Oct 3.  This is 1 week before 24 hours of Moab, so clearly you can’t do both.  The other date would be 1 week later right during the Moab event.  So all 3 of you that might be interested in this, have an opinion?  ;)

Yep, it’s a point to point.  The route will make the added logistics worth the effort, I promise.

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  1. I’m okay with Oct 3rd right now. Looking forward to the route after riding with you guys out there. The whole route is very interesting.

  2. If you route it back down to Big Water, that could sorta almost be a loop, or rather a big inverted “v” or since we have this great computer fangled-keyboard, one of these ” ^ “. Or am I misreading what you would do?

    Oct 3 would be the date I would pick. I want in on this one, but its going to take some sweet talking on the home front.

  3. The bit from Escalante to Big Water is a question mark right now, I’ll have to decide based on how the total mileage falls out. But, it is a quick, fast moving section that’s easy to follow but uber scenic…and makes the shuttle back to StG a bit easier.

    Start sweet talking now Adam! And Chris…well I know your scenario, see ya then ;) The route will be much, much different than what we did at Camp Lynda FYI…

  4. O.K. you guys know I’m doing Moab, so I can’t be there in person. But, my vote would be a week before, so we can at least all be at both events in spirit. (More selfishly, so you guys can cheer me on at Moab!)

  5. Dave – my first thought was to make this thing crazy difficult – passing through no towns. But I’m softening considerably. There are several small towns on/near the route…and I don’t anticipate any huge expanse without water either. There’s a surprising amount of higher elevation terrain in this route.

    So far it sounds like the Oct 3 date is a good one. Going after Moab 24 is riskier as weather cools and gets wetter. The Oct 3 date should also be just about perfect for colors in the aspen and oak covered high country bits.

  6. Dave,
    October is a good time. Why not the same weekend as 24HOM? Down the road, you’d probably only be able to get to Moab in the fall for the full thing. I’ve got something (in Sept probably) on tap that would make a good prep for trans UT riders. Is GPS track like single track, or double track? Something else? I know you live by electronics, but I’d need help mapping a route to participate.

  7. Fred – thanks for the feedback.

    I was hoping to not conflict with the 24 HoM weekend. Not so that riders could do both (that’d be stupid!), but rather so riders could in some way participate in either. I’ll entertain alternatives tho given good reason. The earlier date is also better from a weather standpoint, generally speaking. But that’s more a luck of the draw thing.

    GPS tracks: you don’t need a GPS to make use of them. You could use any mapping software to print off maps – or, given a set of maps and mapping software you could load the GPS track and trace out the route on your hardcopy maps.

  8. Not oposed to making it hard… just kinna wondering if im carrying 10000 cals or 100000 =)

    also nice to have an idea on bail outs/ where to curl up in the fetal postion and stuck my thumb while humming x-mas carrols =)

  9. “also nice to have an idea on bail outs/ where to curl up in the fetal postion and stuck my thumb while humming x-mas carrols =)”

    Haha! The mental imagery for that is priceless. Well said Dave!

  10. Being able to participate (crew, 4 man team, whatever) would be great although I’d certainly want to come either way. I won’t be soloing this year but it is still a big party in the desert most of our friends go to :)

  11. Any gpx files of the route you could send my way? Will be heading across UT from StG to Moab end of April and looking for beta on some longer routes. Currently looking at Grand View trail out of Panguitch. We could also map out a 80’ish mile section for you if you have one in mind.

  12. I’m planning on most likely being there. october 3rd also seems like the most logical date to me. my brother’s talking about getting married that weekend but as you taught us all last october missing a siblings wedding for a race doesn’t get you kicked out of the family. besides, at least my brother, unlike your sister, is planning his wedding more than 5 minutes in advance so maybe i can talk him into a different date, although the advanced planning on his part makes it more “required” that i should be at his wedding.

  13. Well if it’s anything like camp Lynda i’m in. Maybe I could talk Bern into doing it as a 2 person team or 3 person if little tike is ready to be trailerd

  14. Count me in. This sounds like a sweet event and worth using all my personal days from work. Having been around that area in October I would agree that earlier in the month better than late as far getting through the higher elevations without too much mud. I live in Summit county CO, so if anyone would want to hook up for traveling…

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