TransRockies in pictures, days 1-4

There were (at least) two professional photographers at TransRockies.  Each evening we were treated to slideshows of their (& our) day’s work, a big highlight I came to appreciate more and more as my head got lower and lower ;)  Many of the shots captured by Dan Hudson have been made available so I’ve linked to a few of them in this post.  Dan has a keen eye – his shots were often breathtaking.  I’ve talked enough about TR, now how about some pics? 

You can see all the photos at

Day 1

“First woman!”  Note the super low body position – that means that dude behind her is about to get dropped, and hard.

Lou Kobin is one tough lady.  Hard to the core.

Killer singletrack all day.  This part wasn’t really rideable by mere mortals.  These two guys demonstrate…

We ate like royalty the entire trip, thanks to volunteers in each host location.

Day 2

The day started with a massive climb to the continental divide, average grade 12%.   Here’s Seamus and Dre Hestler coming over the top in 3rd (but wearing yellow).

Crowsnest peak and lake.  We were working really hard through here & it was hot.  The lake was pulling oh so hard…

Our Aussie friend Mike hit this bridge a bit too hot and stacked it good.  He was unhurt, but someone elses race ended here.

Vanessa, we miss you!

Day 3

Here we are on the start line.  One day (day 2 or 3) I asked Lynda to look back from the startline – there were riders going back for a couple football field lengths or so.  Yes, starting on the front makes a difference here.

Racehorse pass was an epic climb to the continental divide once again.  Dan sometimes shot from the helicopter.

Randy Iddings was uber fast.  He’ll be going up against Tilford at master’s worlds in a couple weeks.

The singletrack at the end of the day took us to the edge of this waterfall.  I heard, but never saw it – until the slideshow, that is.

BC riding is awesome.

Day 4

This must be Whiteswan Lake that we didn’t see…

Almost everyone showed up with their crack buddy.  Teamwork was ever present.

This creek was oh so refreshing, and this pic was a real hit with the crowd.

This tent was setup before we arrived.  Night 4 was a remote camp in bear country.

More to come…