TU finds a home

Trans Utah is bound to generate a lot of questions, especially since the route has not yet been established.  Other considerations include equipment (what will it be like doing a multiday at elevation in the fall??) and rules (what is this team category anyway?). 

 TU gets it’s own link category to the right, and I’ve set up a forum to handle the Q & A.  I’m not a big fan of MTBR and wanted something I could keep track of better.  You’ll need to register to make your first post. 

Fire away!

4 replies on “TU finds a home”

  1. Thanks Grizz. The “Trans Utah” forum is where I intended general discussion to go…the other 3 are specific. But I do like the term “banter” so added it to the forum description.

    Looking for a partner eh? That’s an obvious use of the forum that I hadn’t anticipated. Cool!

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