Somebody shoot that golden pig already.  Please.  The only certainty is uncertainty.

Warning:  geeky training talk and squigly lines below.

EweTSS has been instrumental in keeping me in line this year.  With two big injuries it’s been essential to come back smarter, not harder.  Er, well sorta.  With several years of power data and EweTSS experience I know what I need to do well in a 24 hour race – by more than just instinct.  The type and quantity of training that make a good race are not so uncertain.  In OP this year I didn’t have time to get there so just called it a training race. 

Moab is different.  There has been enough time for the key elements, although some of them got squeezed into a shorter period than I like.  More experimentation.  Increasing CTL from 107 to 147 in 16 days has turned out to be the biggest jump in that time frame in my experience.  It was basically like doing back to back Transrockies.  What was I thinking anyway??  Fortunately I recognized it was a bit agro and planned a 3 week taper instead of the usual 2…it’s a damn good thing cause if the race was this weekend I’d be in trouble. 

But…the sensations are improving rapidly now.  Fitness is really the least of my concerns for Moab.  Things seem to be unravelling in other areas….

Like the foot.  I can only clip out if it’s done well in advance.  My left side is cut and bruised from a week of “spd falls” cause I can’t clip out quickly.  With any pressure on the foot, or in the wrong location, I just don’t have that range of motion anymore.  I have no doubt I can go circles around that sandy course on two wheels – it’s the repeated trips on foot over nosedive and to a much lesser extent the Lemans run that have me concerned right now.

This all is probably coming off as self-doubt and confidence issues…however it’s anything but.  It’s a small part of the big picture, yet this is the only brush I could find this morning.

One thing is certain.  Come hell or high water I’m going to the 24 hours of Moab and will ride until I can’t.