Now my Yeti is sitting sorry with no BB or cranks and I need help finding a pair. Goal is to get the Q-factor at 160mm or below. Each combo of crank/bb I can find to do this is out of production and scouring the classifieds has come up short. Here is what I’m looking for. If you have a pair or know where a pair can be found let me know. I’ll buy them lyndawallenfels@gmail.com.

Ritchey’s, 170mm compact square taper

Old circa ’92-’94 Shimno XTR’s, 170mm, compact, square taper

Sugino Mighty’s, 170mm, compact, square taper

I need compact, 170mm. BB design doesn’t matter – square taper, ISIS or Octalink are all good. Any type of crank or bb works if it is low-Q. I’m not fussy…

Scour out the dusty corners of your local bike shop or clean out your attic for me :-)