Watts Training

I got the SRM installed on the Yeti. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room on the axle for the new ring sensor with the 73mm BB shell so it was back to the old two piece sensor and a gawdzillion zip-ties.

My beef about the two piece sensor is the signal gets cut off 5 times a pedal circle by the chainring bolts. Yep this happened. I got a sucky power file from a beautiful ride. The SRM came off the Yeti and went back on the Epic – whew I’m getting good and fast at changing these things out now. The weather has been on the cool side here but still awesome for riding. Here is Steve doing his best GQ pose at the top of Stucki yesterday. I was smoked from a 2-day L5 block and he had fun riding with me in mellow mode.


Training: I’ve been doing some high power stuff. 2-day blocks of L5 intervals. One focus is hypertrophy. I can feel my glutes growing again…