Waypoints, additional route beta and full on geekery

Waypoint files are now part of the GPX zip file download for the 311 and/or the D-lite.  If you’ve already downloaded the files but have no waypoints give it one more shot – they are there now.

Other resources you may be interested in:

A 311/D-lite route comparison with proximity to services

Cuesheet for the 311 NOTE:  you will still need a GPS to navigate this route.

311 route and waypoints map is complete

<geek alert on>

Any of the files that you view on the maps at http://2-epic.com/maps/311map.html can also be viewed in Google Earth.  To grab a file, note the link address.  The filename is sandwiched between the “?” and “&” symbols, so the data file for the 311 map at http://2-epic.com/maps/311map.html?dixie311-2010.kml&index=0 is dixie311-2010.kml, and that file resides in the http://2-epic.com/maps/ folder.  To access the file, put it all together for http://2-epic.com/maps/dixie311-2010.kml and do a right click/save link as or save the ugly looking text file your browser dumped at you as file with a .kml extenstion and open in Google Earth.  Simple, eh?

There is so much you can do with Google Earth – it’s connected to most everything.  If you have the ability it’s worth the small effort.

On the flip side, if you can point to a .kml file or a .gpx file on the web, you can load in the map by constructing a URL for it.  For example, here is a link to the map loaded with the CTR file from http://www.bikepacking.net/routes/colorado-trail/ loaded:  http://2-epic.com/maps/311map.html?map=http://www.climbingdreams.net/ctr/CTR2008.gpx&index=1

This might be useful for the last few holdouts that don’t have Google Earth or TopoFusion, but be forewarned – tracks may be simplified so that your browser doesn’t grind your machine to a halt.

<geek alert off>

Alright then.  Whew.

Time to ride!

12 replies on “Waypoints, additional route beta and full on geekery”

  1. Hey Dave,
    when I double click the cue sheet nothing happens. Is it because I’m not a worthy computer Geek?

  2. Well I’ll be darned. I just checked 3 browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome. It doesn’t work in IE – not sure why but it’s not something I’l likely look into before the race. Can you try a different browser?

  3. There isn’t one for the dlite. But, all I’m dong for the cue sheets is attaching mileages to the waypoints. So you could certainly make a cue sheet with your GEO program of choice. You will want to do that anyway, right? Gotta make sure the burger barn is on the plan ;)

  4. Nice. I’ll take a closer look tonight. Google has been a valuable tool as well. Surprisingly good websites for the CGs and Lakes and Lodges in that area.

    I’m geeked out and giddy!

  5. Do you use google earth? It will blow you away with what is available…the latest version (just released) profiles tracks now as well. You can also create profiles with the waypoints included at gpsvisualizer.com. Super useful!!!

  6. No problem Dave. If the waypoints are all that are on the cue sheet, I’ve got em locked and loaded! Really looking foward to this, now all I have to do is get there…..

  7. Waypoints! Good thing I checked before I started driving today, although if I would have checked last night it might have saved me an hour of inputting them manually (bangs head against wall)

  8. No clue on that one Dave – is your machine from the pre-internet days by chance? LOL.

    Check your email, 3rd time’s a charm.

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