WBR Bling

I might be the only  person on Team Siren/WBR not to actually have a Siren bike but I do now have personalized WBR stickers on my Voodoo Zaka.

Hotrock Wesley

Hardrock Emma

Kids love the stickers

Next event up here for me is Kaibab Monstercross 200 starting at 3am on Saturday and finishing who knows when?? There is no doubt it will be a monster of a ride. I’ve spent a couple of weekends buzzing around a few parts of the course getting a feel for really how big a monstercross is.

Water availability is a huge issue. I’d recommend filtering this one.

You start in the forest then drop down into some amazing desert landscapes.

Then climb back up to the forest again.

Which is deep and dark at times then gifts you with occasional eye popping views of the Grand Canyon

I’ll be riding my trusty Voodoo Zaka for this one set up SS, with my WBR stickers. Here she is resting on the North Rim.

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  1. Those poor kids don’t have a chance. If they aren’t already crackheads they will be before they hit puberty.

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