Wee Wally Victory!

The subliminal training paid off – Wesley won his race at the Cholla Challenge, the second stop on the Intermoutain Cup Series. He staged near the back but made up a few spots right off the line as we had him start in the big ring this time. #95 bobbled in the first corner taking out the rider behind. Wesley in the yellow helmet and blue Desert Cyclery jersey got through on the inside.

He put a nice gap on the field. We pulled out all the stops for this race – this time Steve was on course to “chaperon”. Steve is in the green jersey having to chase Wesley down!

Full on family support  – here is Emma screaming and cheering for him coming through.

He drilled it keeping his lead all the way to the finish line. No time to smile for the camera this time!

Dad and son heading for the finish. Steve was so coaching him, it was funny. He was saying “Wesley stay smooth!”

Congrats from proud sis.

Thumb Up for the winner!

The best part is being 1st in line to choose from the race swag. He chose a frisbee, a water bottle and a head band. The kid behind in 2nd place chose a $20 gift certificate from the bike shop. The category was 9yrs and under. Wesley is 7rs and 2nd place was 9 yrs – there is a big difference between being 7 and being 9. They were both pleased as punch with their prizes. I’m just pleased as punch he smoked all the older kidz ;-)

Foot-note on me: In addition to becoming a competitive little league parent and living out my dreams vicariously through my sons race victory, I got the green light to ride outside from my Ortho doc after my 6 week post surgery check up. I took it easy and stayed on the bike path for the first couple of days. Mostly because my legs were fried from an L6 block on the trainer not because I have any common sense. Today I put down a nice 4 hour ride with 75% of it in the dirt – I feel like a new gal :-)