What’s next?

One goal left for the year. The 24 Hour World Solo Championships. I’ve never been and it is time I ponied up to the start line. The goal is to win – why else go to World’s?? I’m assembling an arsenal of weapons.

Weapon #1 being assembled with care by Desert Cyclery ace wrench Dusty.

Weapon #2 Andy is coming to Worlds to wrench. I couldn’t have a better mechanic in my pit than him. If he doesn’t have a spare part then he’ll make one. I have no doubt my bikes will be tuned and rolling fast every lap.

Weapon #3. Dave aint racing much right now and will be my number one supporter there. His mojo in the pit and his homemade lights shining my way around the course will make me faster without a doubt.

Aint she a beauty?

21 lbs right now with tubes and a heavy Power-Tap wheel on the rear. Race wheels and a couple of lighter parts should take her under 20 lbs for Worlds. Only 2 rides so far and it’s pure love.

I’m off the river with a huge depth of freshness and some BIG motivation to train. The plan is to start back with a few weeks of intensity then dial down the 24 hour specifics.

I love chasing a goal…