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This has been a crazy week for me. One of those weeks where everything comes to a point and explodes. With sleep deprivation and fatigue my efficiency has been at an all time low. Life support systems only captain.

So Worlds was fun. I rode with all I had and came 2nd. Rebecca Rusch won with a monstrously strong ride - impressive. What puts a big fat grin on my face is that LW Coaching athlete Bernice came 6th in the Elite Women's field. Well done Bernice. LW Coaching had a good Worlds. It was also awesome to share the podium with a former LW athlete Sally who scored 3rd. Sally - you're a star now!

Here is a podium pic to go along with this weak blog. I'll post a full race report sometime this weekend. As ever lots happened within 24 hours of racing. Stay tuned - I'll spill the goods...