Yet another new bike!!

Building Wesley up a sweet mtb put me in a bit of a pickle cause things at his school get stolen every day. Is every elementary school like that? His is full of a bunch of petty thieves. Ems had her scooter stolen last year and Wes had a bike walk off the year before. Hats and gloves are “lost” daily…

Taking his new bike to school was off limits. I am not about to start driving him there everyday or actually any day…I won’t drive the 0.75 miles to school unless it is raining, which aint too often here…and I do respect the fact walking is too slow and boring for him! Thus he needed ANOTHER bike. A school bike. A commuter. A beater.

Kong down at DC came up trumps for us with an abandoned GT. He had it all tuned up too – nice!!

It’s perfect. Wes banged it up and down a few curbs tested out the kickstand and announced it to be “rockin”. Beater bike accepted into the fold.

…and now what do I get him for Xmas?

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